our history

Carol kender baker/ owner



The baking and decorating team of Carol Kender and Sharon Mueller has been creating unique and tasty treats for as long as they can remember.   Sharon, who is Carol’s daughter, blames a birthday cake that her mother made for her when she was nine years old as starting her passion.   That was a phonograph player, complete with speakers and records.  “There were other cakes along the way but that is the one that keeps popping up when I remember mom’s cakes,” she said.   On their way to owning Dublin Cake Cottage Carol spent time as a news reporter and as a dive store owner.   She sold the dive store; ASK Scuba and Snorkeling Center, fourteen years ago.   She did some traveling and wrote two mystery novels after than then decided on another career as a baker.   


Phonograph Cake for Sharon's 9th birthday


The start of it all - a phonograph cake for sharon's ninth birthday


 Boredom with retirement and a desire to get back involved with a people business led Carol to open Shawnee Hills Bakery eleven years ago.  The bakery has since closed and the owners rebranded it as a cottage industry bakery working out of their home. Although custom cakes are their focus they have become famous for scones and turnovers.  In addition to awesome cakes they turn out  killer lemon bars and The Best Brownie You Will Ever Eat.  Sharon still keeps her day job, but does 90 percent of the decorating at the bakery. 



 Sharon graduated from graphic design school and worked in the printing business before discovering how she could use her design skills by “playing with food” - icing and fondant.  

She has been involved with bakeries as a cake decorator for more than 20 years now.